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USB Gen2 10Gbit DAS Box?

I work as a freelance composer in the UK, primarily out of my home studio – but the storage needs upgrading.

I’m looking to upgrade from my cluttered array of many external drives to a DAS unit, as I don’t need anything with NAS capabilities – as I’ll only be accessing and using the unit from one location (the studio itself).

Am looking for something I can essentially use as one big single usb capable drive (raid) that I can run everything off (projects, sampler instruments, other multimedia etc). Looking for around 30-40TB worth of storage too and was thinking of going for WD red drives.
Can be a rackmount or standing unit.

Am a little clueless, and it’s very confusing trying to narrow down on good options as I don’t know enough.
Would you be able to fire over some advice?
Yes, there is a shortage of USB gen2 RAID boxes. Everyone seem to go for Thunderbolt option instead.
But not all computers have that port. The second best choice is 10Gbit USB port which has similar speeds to Thunderbolt 1.
Here are few boxes available:
ICY BOX IB-3810-C31. - 10 drive model
ARC-8050U3-6. - 6 drive model
ICY BOX IB-3805-C31. - 5 drive model
ICY BOX IB-3740-C31. - 4 drive model
ICY BOX IB-3780-C31. - 2 drive model

Find them in
UK. -

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