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WD Red Pro 16TB not recognised in Synology DS214+?

I bought some WD Red Pro 16TB [WD161KFGX] drives recently, as they were on offer, to upgrade my Synology DS214+ and DS415+.
However, they don't seem to be recognised when I replace the current drive in the NAS. I mounted it in the DS214+, but nothing on Storage Manager and cannot repair volume.
I haven't tried the DS415+ yet, as long rebuild if it also fails and I have to put the old drive back in and repair.

Synology [and WD] have said they are not supported by any Synology NAS [not on compatibility list], but Red Pro 14TB version [WD141KFGX] is.
Any ideas why this is?
I have heard of others using drives not on the list, so not sure why this is an issue.
Synology have said they don't block incompatible drives.

I have connected 2 of these drives to my PC and can see them, but cannot do any SMART scan using WD dashboard [Fails] and only drive info is serial number and basic drive info [Model, tc.].
I also cannot initialise the drive [get "Drive error (Cyclic redundancy check)" dialog] in windows in Windows Disk Management and cannot format it.
Is there something wrong with these drives?

Is there anything I can do? Or will I have to admit defeat and return the unopened drives and sell the used ones?!

Cheers for any help here.

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