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My Next Nas?


I'm on the lookout for my next NAS, which MUST have container support.

It's use is for PLEX, which streams down from Google Drive (So dual gigabit ethernet port is essential) along with support for at least 4 GB of ram, and a burst CPU of a min of 2.4Ghz, to allow for adequate low level transcoding (although this is a failsafe).

I'll be running 5 or so containers, in addition to Plex, if that's native great. if not, make that 6 containers.

I'm trying to build my system up gradually, and currently have the QNAP TS 251+, which seems to work well, but I'd like to have additional RAM and CPU. Drive space is less important.

Looking for a form of 'upgrade helper' where i can put in what i have, and then see other NAS's in order of some form of rating, with some price filtering of course if possible.

Thanks in advance,

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