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First NAS -QNAP v.s. Synology?
Hi all,
I have decided to move from online disks and to buy my first NAS. NAS will be mainly used for backing up my documents and pictures and for accessing them from PC/mobile/TV.
Plus would be to have possibility to stream movies to my TV. Also, I have few IP cameras (ONVIF Tiandy) and it would be great if I could connect them to my NAS.
In the future I might have a need to use a NAS as a VPN and web server.

I was looking at:
1. QNAP TS-230 = 170 €
2. Synology DS218play = 230 €
3. Synology DS218 = 270 €
4. Synology DS220+ = 300 €

I 'm wondering do I need some more expensive NAS then QNAP? How much is needed to have 2 GB of RAM instead of 1 GB in DS218play?
Is there something better in this price range?


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