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Asustor4004T, setting up ADM Defender firewall settings? An idiots guide required?

Hi, I'm setting up my Asustor NAS and have no idea on how best to setup the ADM Defender in settings. I want it for 2 pc's home at the moment but may well need it for mobile phone access later. Win 10/android. i have several IP's showing the main provider, DNS and LAN IP's? Thanks
There are several protection mechanisms:Firewall: Here you can block specific IP addresses or only allow specific IP addresses to access your NAS.Trusted List: The IP(s) specified in the trusted list will not be blocked by the black list or after multiple failed login attempts.Auto Black List: After enabling this function, the client IP address will be blocked if there are too many unsuccessful login attempts within the specified time period.Black and White List: The Black and White list can be defined using IP address, range, and geolocation. If you wish to define the Black and White list using geolocation, please first install the Geo IP Database App.In a home environment with regularly changing IP address it will be recommended to activate Auto black list. This way the access will be blocked if someone tried to guess the password. Configured devices will remember the password and will not trigger this safety feature.
Thanks for the answer. I'll download the geo app as you suggest. I'll play around wth the settings. I'm hoping someone does a video showing the ADM Defender setup and some working examples of using the Black/White list.

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