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I want to place my Asustor NAS between my PC and switch- but it doesn't work correctly?

I just bought an Asustor Nimbustor AS5304T. This has dual 2.5Gbe ethernet ports. My PC has a 10Gbe ethernet port but my switch is only 1Gbe capable.

So I tried to place my NAS 'between' the PC and the switch, hoping that the PC would see the NAS at 2.5Gbe whilst the PC and NAS would then see the rest of the world at only 1Gbe.

To be clear, NAS ethernet port 1 to PC, NAS ethernet port 2 to switch.

However, when I do this the PC cannot see the internet, but can see the NAS.

How can I achieve what I want, without having to buy an expensive new switch?


PS I'm not a Trump nut, I just mispelled Mega :-)
Your switch/router is probably not supporting 2.5GbE. The cheapest way to make it work is a USB3 to Ethernet adaptor which will connect your NAS to a 1GbE switch/router. Simple Amazon basics adaptor should work: USA you should consider getting a 10GbE switch which is backwards compatible with 5GbE and 2.5GbE and of course 1GbE. Netgear GS110MX (around $150) should work:UK hope this helps.
The AS5304T doesnt have a switch function to allow you to passthrough the ethernet connection to give internet access. A switch like would allow you to aggregate the 2 2.5Gbe ports into a single 5Gbe and allow your PC to connect to a 5Gbe or 10Gbe port and one of the others back to your Router.

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