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Memory upgrade on Synology DS1817?

I followed your guide and saw that my used swap memory has a value of 360Mb and should be 0 like stated (in your guide, you are at 4Kb).

So I guess I should upgrade my memory in my NAS, I received errors that I had not enough ressources to play some files on my plex server, so I guess this is related.

I have the DS1817 unchanged, what maximum memory is supported officially and unoficially (can I have 16 Gb on that model) and which memory modules I should get.

Thanks a lot!
Officially DS1817 can be upgraded up to 8GB. You can get RAM from SPAN if you search for SynologyDDR3 RAM4GBRAM1600DDR3-4GB4GB SODIMM Memory Unofficially you can upgrade up to 16GB16GB (2x8GB) Kit RAM memory for Synology DiskStation DS1817 DDR3 SO DIMM 1600MHzUK- - a RAM Module on DiskStationThe optional Synology DDR3 RAM module is designed for DiskStation memory expansion. Follow the stepsbelow to install, check, or remove a RAM module on your DiskStation.To install the RAM module:1 Shut down your DiskStation. Disconnect all cables connected to your DiskStation to prevent any possibledamages.2 Remove the 6 screws that secure the top case. Lift off the case and place it to the side.3 Insert the new memory module in the slot:a Align the notch on the gold edge of the module with the notch in the lower memory slot.b Tilt the card and push the memory into the slot. Make sure the module is pushed in all the way.c Use two fingers with firm, even pressure to push down on the memory module. You should hear a click whenthe memory is inserted correctly.4 Replace the top case. Replace and tighten the 6 screws you removed in step 2.5 Reconnect the cables you removed in step 1, and then press and hold the power button to turn on yourDiskStation.To make sure DiskStation recognizes the new memory capacity:1 Install DiskStation Manager (DSM). (See the next chapter for more information.)2 Log in to DSM as admin or a user belonging to the administrators group.3 Check Total Physical Memory in Control Panel > Info Center.If your DiskStation does not recognize the memory or does not start up successfully, confirm that the memory isinstalled correctly.To remove the RAM Module:1 Follow step 1 and 2 of the "To install the RAM module" section to shut down your DiskStation, disconnect thecables, and then remove the top case.2 Push the levers on the sides of the memory module in an outward direction to release the module from thememory card slot.3 Hold the memory module by its notches and remove it from the slot.4 Replace the top case. Replace and tighten the screws you removed in step 2.5 Reconnect the cables you removed in step 1, and then press and hold the power button to turn on yourDiskStation.
Thanks a lot for your help and guide. I ordered memory before your answer came in and here's what I bought and tried. first thing I noticed is that when removing the case of the DS1817 there's an empty DIMM socket easily available, just like your guide below, where I can add a memory chip, but, the second one seems to be located inside and seems very difficult to get to. Is that a good idea to try to remove/replace that memory chip or should I leave that one there and not play around with it?So, for now, I left that memory chip there and inserted one of the two new one I bought, so I would have at least 8 Gb (the original one 4 Gb in the difficult to access memory bank + one chip of the two new one I bought in the empty bank). I started my DS1817 and after several minutes it looked like it booted successfully (disks lights lightened up, it beeped like usual, etc.) but I was never able to access the DSM admin page, my Plex server was not responding, wired connection doesn't ping, etc., I waited about 5-10 minutes then hard closed it (power long press) and finally removed the new memory chip I added, rebooted and it went back online normally. I didn't try again, I didn't try the second newly bought memory chip and I did not try to re-seat the new memory chip, but I can assure you it was properly seated.So here's a few questions if you don't mind;Is the memory I bought from Newegg ok or should I replace it with the Amazon link you sent?Should I try to remove the original memory chip to place the new identical memory chip I have (2 x 4 Gb), in other words, does the NAS refuse to boot because the 2 DIMM are currently not similar?Is it a good idea to try to remove the hard-to-access memory bank located inside the NAS or you recommend avoiding this?Would you recommended trying again with the memory I bought, with the 2 chips one after the other if the first one does not work and try to reseat it more than once because it should have worked with the kit I bought.Should I've been more patient, is there a delay when adding memory inside a NAS and booting up?Is there a way to access a kind of onscreen boot up process, so I could see what is happening while it tries to boot, if there's an error with the RAM, I could see it, just like a missing keyboard when booting up a Windows computer?Is there anything I could check related to this?Thanks again for your help on that matter.
Just to keep you informed, I was able to remove the internal 4 Gb original memory stick by removing all drives and with the tips of my fingers, I removed it and replaced it with one of the two sticks, then I replaced every drives back on and finally put the second stick on the other empty slot so I have now 2 x 4 Gb Crucial sticks on. Booted up and everything works fine, I now have 8 Gb on my Synology DS1817.Thanks a lot!

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