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Recommendation for the correct dimensioning of quts on a TS-873A?

Hi, thank you for your great YouTube channel!

I bought a TS-873A with 64GB RAM. I will will use it with a RAID 5 of 3 existing Seagate 4TB IronWoolf, and maybe as well some other HDD. I did an upgrade of desktop, 2.5Gb LAN and a 5 port QNAP Switch. I decided to runt it with QuTS, jsut set up it. Currently I wonder how to get best performance if want to use Virtualization or Container station. I don´t understand how System pool or cache is working. Would you recommend a raid 1 with two SSD (I would go for M.2 because saving bays and PCIe 3.1 should be enough for my requirements as well I can use cheaper ones with more MTBF instead of huge transferspeed)? If I re setup the NAS again with SSD RAID1 would this be the system pool? Is it possible to use this as well for data of VM´/Containers? How I calculate the space for it? I expect something around 500GB should be enough? A dedicated ssd cache seems the least helpful to me. But may I will have a SATA SSD for that from my workstation as well, would this be worth?
Many thanks in advance!
Cheers Michael
If you want the best performance for your Virtual machines then installing them on NVMe SSD would most likely give you the best performance. You would certainly need to set them up in RAID1 to have protection. Otherwise, if you have regular backups and recovery times do not scare you then RAID0 is an option.But having NVMe as a cache and installing VMs on SATA 2.5inch SSD is also an option that is fairly fast.The size really depends on your VMs. Check your Windows size on your PC, and you will get the approximate size needed. Somewhere around 50-80GB. Having 500GB is a good size.I hope this helps.

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