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QNAP Volume Type Preference for Home Use?

Hello, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased QNAP-TVS-872N to run home plex/personal storage NAS. I have a ton of media I'll be loading on it right away so I have 6x 16TB HDDs loaded and ready to roll.

I just don't know if I should be using a static volume with no pools or thick/thin provision model with pools.

From what I have been able to gather snapshotting and volume expansion are the primary reasons to use thick/thin volume types

I don't really foresee myself adding to this main volume and would likely only use the remaining bays on a separate set of drives for my surveillance system.

So for a typical home user is snapshotting worth the storage allocation required (suggested) by QNAP when creating the volume? As far as I can tell it doesn't provide any disaster recovery, but only "oopsie" recovery from accidental delete.

Is there any other main benefits I'm missing from snapshot or other processes run with thick/thin volumes?

Am I losing out on a bunch of valuable tech by choosing to simple volume raid 5 my drives?
A thin volume would allow snapshots which are good for accidental deletion or file alteration. But most importantly ransomware attacks. you can change this later by switching from thick to thin. Nothing is set in stone.Choosing RAID5 is a safe enough option. But if you want you can always migrate to RAID6 (which is slightly slower). There is no SHR type of benefits on Qnap.I hope this helps.

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