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Synology certificates?

Hi, love your youtube vids and appreciate all that you do..

Can you ‘please’ do a ‘really clear’ video on synology certificates! I’m referring to the ‘your site is not secure’ business . There are loads on YouTube but I mean a video that is not aimed at those who already know what they are doing with ddns/domain names/ etc.
Whilst I do ‘understand what a domain name is it is the ‘Let’s Encrypt’ certificate I’m referring to with a proper before/after demonstration, other vids finish with eg “so click apply and there you go, bye”

I’m a home user with a 416 Play NAS for storing family stuff on to share eg pics with family living elsewhere, I have a registered domain name but don’t use it for a website, just the email function.

Many thanks
Yes, we may make a video about this.But all SSL certificates are encrypting the data transfer between NAS and a computer. Just that self-signed certificates appear like ‘your site is not secure’ because browsers warn people of a possible scam. If you visit a shop with a self-signed certificate, you can not trust this. But if you self encrypts a route to your NAS you know it is safe. When you send money to someone you want some third party to issue the SSL certificate, so you could trust this.With a NAS - all these warnings are just informative and mean nothing bad.I hope this helps.

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