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Looking into a Nas drive vs external hard drive?


Found you on youtube. Great content. I have a channel aswell and I have a crap ton of video file for 10 years now. I have about 3-4 external hard drive and they work, but I want to be able to fill a hard drive and replace it and had the mirror back up like the NAS does. What is your suggestion ? I am not looking to break the bank.

so far I have standard external hard drive from 2 tb to 8tb. All Hdd not SSD.
You will probably expect the same speeds as external hard drives. So somewhere around 200-500MB/s.In this case, the external hardware RAID-based DAS box would be a cheaper solution. But NAS offers sharing capabilities. So Qnap 53D series with 2.5GbE LAN would be a good option. You can also upgrade it with a 10GbE card to increase the speed.Alternatively, you can consider Thunderbolt NAS such as TVs-472XT/ TS-453BT3. They also have more bay models available.I hope this helps.

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