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NAS for 2 users?

Hi Guys,

I've really enjoyed your channel - watching over 10hours of videos of Synology vs QNAP - entertaining indeed!

I have a music / audio post production company with 2 users (10TB of data between us) needing to connect to a NAS for backup and transfer of files between each computer. Running audio / Music projects from the NAS would also be great (simultaneous playback of 50+audio tracks @ 44.1kHz 24bit wav files +H.264 video files)

Being a Mac user the Synology 920+ (4 x 8tb drives) is tempting also price wise. But should I be concerned with 1GB ethernet? Or should I go for 10GB ethernet? Our 2018 MacMini's do support 10GBE.

Any suggestions would be very welcomed indeed!


If your average project size is under 1GB then very likely 1Gbit LAN is all you need. Having 10GbE would not make a difference unless you have daily footage to offload and you want it transferred as quickly as possible. Having faster ethernet would also help if you do full backups instead of incremental ones. This would speed up backup times.People have figured out how to use the Qnap USB 5GBE adapter, this might be something to consider. 10GbE would support slower LAN connections.Alternatively, TS-453D would offer 2.5GbE and PCIe slot for 10GbE.I hope this helps.

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