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WD Red with WD Purple in same NAS?

I’m a complete novice but after watching your videos I’m keen to get a NAS for photo/data storage and surveillance. What I’m not sure on is the hard drives to get. My thoughts are to have 2 WD Red with Raid 1 set up for photo/data storage and then 1 WD purple dedicated for surveillance. Is it possible to have 2 different WD (Red and purple) in the same NAS or should it just be one or the other?

Also in terms of surveillance storage, if I wanted to have constant recording at the highest quality for 2 cameras how much TB should I get for 30 days recording.

Thanks for your videos and advice.
Yes, you can have multiple RAIDs and volumes in a single NAS. With a 4 bay NAS you can use 3 bays for storage and a spare one for automated RAID rebuild or storage expansion later.DS420+ and DS920+ come with multiple LAN ports. You can have RAID1 for storage and a single drive or RAID1 on another drive or two. Having a separate LAN and drive for surveillance will be beneficial. The main storage array will not be kept busy with surveillance all the time. This will speed things up.For a 30 day recording, you will need 2TB. But you can play with configuration in this calculator: hope this helps.

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