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I am setting up a TVS872XT NAS, and I am stuck- should I do a static volume or thick volume?

I am using it for my photography archive, currently at 42 TB, and is growing fast. I have 6 16tb EXOS drives installed, and will do a RAID 6 configuration.

Do I need snapshots? Or should I just make one static volume on the RAID? I know I will get better performance from the static volume, but do I sacrifice flexibility?

Thank you, Ive been trying to figure this out for hours.
The static volume will be very limiting. The thick volume will consume too much storage space if you enable snapshots.I would go for a thin volume. This means that storage space will be automatically increased every time you add data. You can also enable a snapshot that will protect your data against things like ransomware attacks.I hope this helps.

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