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WD Ultra EX 2 1gb ram?


I currently have an WD Ultra EX 2 1gb ram which is my first nas i had for Christmas i enjoy watching you're videos by the way, however i started adding plex to the server however with it being 1gb ram and it not having high cpu to run plex i'm looking into buy a media plex nas, between Synolagy & QNAP, i was wondering if you'd recommend up to 3 servers you think be best? for 4k plex?

When choosing a multimedia NAS there are few things to look at. Most importantly you want a graphics chip built inside. All Celeron and Intel core I series does feature this. This allows NAS to convert a video or audio on the fly if receiving device can not play a particular file because of the video format or network/internet speed.You may also consider models with upgradeable RAM or even a PCIe slot (if you decide to add graphics or cache card). But having an option for more RAM will make it a more future proof solution. If you prefer to stream things via HDMI instead of WiFi or Ethernet than there are few models with this port at the back.If you are happy to use Synology apps instead of Plex, then DS420+ would be a good choice. It can transcode 4K using Synology own DS Video app. It also can be upgraded and it has no limitations on apps you can install.If you only plan on streaming locally and you have 4K compatible TVs you could also go lower and get DS418. It has its limits, but original video streaming should be no issue.I hope this helps.

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