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Back-up Synology Nas to Drobo 5N2?

I have a Synology DS1520 and it is currently backing up to itself via HyperBackup.
I would like to backup the backups to my Drobo 5N2.
I have ample space on the Drobo.
Everything I read says to use rsync. rsync is not supported by Drobo anymore.

Any suggestions?

Really enjoy your content.
Yes, RSYNC would be the simplest and most reliable backup option. If this is disabled now, you may try to map a Drobo as a network drive on a Synology NAS and check backup options this way.Or you may use your computer as a middle man with Carbon Copy Cloner or something similar. Your computer then would backup one NAS to another.Without RSYNC options are more complicated and inconvenient.I hope this helps.

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