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Switching from ds1621+ to TVS-672N need array migration advice?

Hello i currently have a ds1621+ with a 4x10tb drive shr-1 array with 13TB of data on it. i purchased a QNAP TVS-672N and i intend on putting a raid 50 on it. However i will need to utilize the 4 drives that are in the synology atm. My question is there some way to CHEAPLY offload my data temporarily to another location and then pull it back once i have built the new array. atm all i can think of is to put my data on a 10tb and 4tb drive i have in desktops around the house.
The fastest way indeed will be via external USB drive. If you have one big enough you can copy data there and then back to a Qnap NAS.Otherwise if you have purchased few extra drives. Create a RAID5 on a Qnap. Map synology and copy data over. Then expand the RAID with remaining drives. Copy would be faster, but raid rebuild might be longer this way. Or finally simply copy to whatever storage spaces you have available via 1GbE LAN. I hope this helps. 

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