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Synology Product Refresh dates?

love the reviews you do, they are great and good to see the market for different NAS systems; especially as I am a novice in this area.

I currently have a DS218Play (4gig) that I set up last year as a toe in the water experiment. I have more HD content added constantly and I have out-grown my current set up and therefore looking for a new purchase of the NAS enclosure to then add additional HDD.

I saw the new DS420+/DS920+ systems were released last year and fit my needs for HD and 4K. However, the question is how often are the systems refreshed. Is it a 2-year cycle or a single year refresh for the hardware? also for the expansion system, Dx517 seems to be an "old" system that hasn't been refreshed recently. do you see a new expansion enclosure coming any time soon?

thanks for any advice and keep up the great videos.

DS420/920+ is their latest releases. Plus series models are usually on a 2-year cycle. I would not expect new models until 2022.Upgrading from 218play to a plus series models will increase the performance significantly. You would get a Celeron multi-core processor with a graphics chip built-in as well as multi LAN and cache options. You will also unlock an option to install apps you were not allowed before.DS920+ can be also expanded. Synology do not replace these expansions very often. Because these are brainless boxes anyway. There is not much to improve. All the hard work is done by a NAS itself.I hope this helps.

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