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Which NAS for Color grading?


I'm a colorist and I want to buy a storage solution that I can edit direct out of.

So, right out of the bat: 10gbe is necessary
I work mostly with ProRes 4444 media, ocasionally RED ARRI Raw media or DPX image sequences all ranging from 1080p up to 6k.
I'm looking for something that can feed all that in realtime to my workstation.

I'm currently interested in the Synology ds1621xs+ or ds1821+, however I don't know if these models would be able to meet my needs and I can't decide between the two.

Thanks for your help I hope I provided you with all the necessary information.

Best regards

The most popular choice among video editors is Qnap 72XT series. You get not only 10GbE but also Thunderbolt connectivity. You can connect via both of these connections simultaneously. You also get NVMe storage slots that can be used either for caching or fast SSD volume.Synology 1621XS+ also comes with a 10GbE ports and NVMe cache which makes it a very attractive solution. This would certainly fit your purpose.DS1621+ allows you to att 10GbE card. It comes with an empty PCIe slot.Synology Software is fairly easy to set up and even easier to use. Their software perfectly integrates with other operating systems.I hope this helps.

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