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NAS for PLEX server?

I want to set up a PLEX server to allow family to stream a collection of home videos (not 4k movies etc).
However, my router is next to TV and I have found NAS boxes to be noisy and distracting but I cannot easily put it elsewhere as it needs an ethernet port on the router.
I have been looking for a 'silent' NAS. Surely this is possible if I use SSD? I can only find the QNAP HS-453DX from 2017 and it looks quite dated now.

Are you aware of any suitable products please?
Synology DS620slim model comes in a smaller size, but you could also use normal size NAS with SSD inside the HDD bays. The secret of a quite NAS is a plastic case with a bigger fan (which can be adjusted/disabled) and slow spinning media or even SSD inside.You still need to consider at least a Celeron based models such as DS420+/ DS920+ for this.I hope this helps.

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