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Can a NAS run my plex server?

I have a custom built PC which has a broken motherboard that I was mainly using for Plex. It was built 12 years ago with a first gen i7 6 core and a GTX470 GPU. It has served me fine for what I have wanted though at times it struggled with top 4k files.

I am the main user and can direct play to my 4k samsung tv. However remote use of IOS and family use it so transcoding needs to be considered. I would rather have a NAS running in the background for Plex, radarr and sonarr etc than a PC which wouldn't be used for anything... therefore headless would be better and more power efficient.

My concern though is no NAS I have seen is capable of the capacity and I don't think there are any I can put a GPU in to over come the transcoding issue. Overall CPU seems fine its just graphics power I think they lack. Could you help advise if there is a NAS or would a custom server be better with GPU and SATA backbone?

Surely a separate Plex PC would do a better job and would also be a much cheaper solution. Having i5/i7 NAS like TVS-872XT would cost a lot. Some people choose TS-873 and install graphics card for transcoding. But card that would fit are limited. You can find few here :, you can go for Xeon-based NAS which used software transcoding. But those are even more expensive.I hope this helps.

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