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Dear Team,

my name is volker Bosch, i live in Germany and i have been following your youtube channel for a long time. Now I have some questions. I am a photographer with a current inventory of 60,000 photos and occasional jobs for video editing in 4K. I work with Apple IMac 2015 with Thunderbold 2. In the next few months I will get a current IMac. So far I have worked with the QNap TS-451A. The data transfer is very slow and the machine is clearly too loud when it is on the desk. Four Seagate Ironwolf 6TB hard drives are installed in the Qnap.
Now my questions:
1.) Would you work with a customer from Germany?
2.) Is it possible to retrofit this NAS with a Thunderbold card?
3.) Can I convert the hard disks with my data into a current QNap device without losing the data?
4.) What is your recommendation?

I look forward to your reply

Volker Bosch
You should consider upgrading your NAS with something more up to date like TVS-472XT (or 6/8 bay). You can then use internal M.2 NVMe SSD for live editing if you need absolute silence when working. Or you can consider 2.5" SSD in an HDD bays (or a mixture of both). HDD drive can be used for finished project storage instead.WD Red drives seem to be quiet compared to other brands.You can connect via Thunderbolt (TB3 or TB2) and 10GbE for those with a greater distance away.You can migrate old drives to a new NAS fairly simply.Qnap 72 series are fast enough to edit 4K and they also are multimedia friendly if you want to share those projects later.I hope this helps

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