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NAS newbie!?

Hi, I read about NAS recently and have since plunged into the depths of the technology, but I am somewhat lost! I am a photographer and would like to have a system in place that would allow me to back up my photos to amazon photos automatically, ideally without my computer being on. The goal is to have a cloud-based backup in the event of a fire or theft. Ideally, I would like a 4 port as the business is constantly growing, so I can buy one good-sized hard drive initially and then add to it as and when required to spread the cost. If it's possible, then being able to edit the photos directly off the hard drive would be a bonus, but maybe this is asking too much in terms of speed?
From what I have read from your site, I had the Synology DS420j in mind, but wondered if you had any other suggestions or input?
Many thanks in advance!
With a single user J series NAS can be an option. But this is not a very future proof solution. This is rather a backup NAS not project storage point.DS420+ would be a better solution. But if it seems expensive then at least consider DS418 which is slower, but still capable of many things.I hope this helps.

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