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I am interested in purchasing a NAS Server For Multimedia ?

Hi ,

I am interested in Purchasing a N.A.S Server and I have already Decided on SYNOLOGY ( Mostly Because of user friendly ) .

My uses for this is mainly Media ... I mean that I have a lot of Movies And Tv Shows on PLEX which are very hard to

Find again if lost , I usually buy a New HDD every 3 - 4 years For this purpose ,

My Home setup is all Wired by Ethernet cables 1 GIGABIT connections ( Cat 6 ) and I use Plex on a main Pc

For streaming through my smart TVs , I usually stream 4K movies through Plex on a new Sony smart Tv

and never gets stuck ( Never Freezes ) , I don`t use transcoding and usually stream 1 or 2 TVs at a time

My main question is can a NAS Server like a DS 920 + also Preform the same way ?

and do I need NVME Drives for this purpose ?

So do you think that a DS-920 + will be a enough for a Home entertainment System also for 4K and More ( Like Edited Videos) ??

Thank you .

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