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NAS for videoPhoto edit and entertainment?

I am interested in the Synology NAS for my home, but I am not sure what models to purchase. I live in a two-story house. My office is upstairs, and this is where my router and two desktop computers are. Port one of the router feeds an 8-port switch for all the equipment upstairs. Port two feeds downstairs to an 8-port switch that provides all the entertainment equipment TV, AVR-Receiver, X-Box, etc. I want to have my Movies, Music, and Photos on Plex and transcode 4K video. So I was thinking of purchasing a DS220+ or a DS720+ just for media. For upstairs, connect a DS1621+ and have two connections, one 10gbe connected directly to my editing PC for editing video and photos, a one Gbe connections for everything else. The DS1621 will be used for backups for all four PCs, running one docker container Minecraft server for my grandson, and maybe two Linux VM's. My thinking is running oneway sync for photos from 1621 to the DS220. All my main camera video files will remain on the 1621 and backed up to Back Blaze. Is this a good idea, and if so, can I get away with just purchasing DS220 over the DS720? I am open to other options. I know the QNAP QNAP TVS-672N is another option but Synology is my first choice.
Yes, this sounds like a good plan. Having 10GbE would ensure you get fast enough bandwidth to edit 4K easily. Choosing between DS220+ and 720+ is not that difficult. Both models feature exactly the same graphics chip. Having an extra few cores on 720+ allows people to run more apps in the background. But if your 1621+/ 21xs+ is the main NAS, then there is no reason for 720+.TVS-672N /72XT are a very popular choice among video editors thanks to its CPU/ NVMe / 10GbE /TB. But Synology will be easier to use and they have very good apps and relationships with another computer OS.I hope this helps.

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