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DAS options 2020?

Hey there,
Found a few articles on your site about DAS devices. I've been internet sleuthing for a while to try to find the best options and feel like I'm almost there. Let me set some context first.

So, I live in a condo, two TVs, both with some Plex Client (Roku or Shield).
I have an Intel NUC running Windows that runs Plex, Torrenting software, and Backblaze.
My current storage is a 4 drive Mediasonic Proraid device with a setup of 16TB in a RAID 0 configuration (yikes, I know).
I want to keep a hardware RAID on the DAS, rather than having Windows do a Software RAID mostly because I don't trust Windows to do that for me.

I'm looking to get a new DAS device, but am stuck in decision paralysis. My current options are:
- Another Mediasonic Proraid
- QNAP TR004
- Drobo 5C

For Drives I'm looking to get 4x10TB WD Red Pro's.

I was just about to buy the QNAP TR004 and then I found some folks complaining about read/write speed and now I'm back to the drawing board.
QNAP TR004 is a very DAS option, but the only disadvantage is its USB3 limitations around 5Gbit/s. ARC-8050T3U-4 would be a faster (10Gbit) option.Both of these options feature hardware RAID. This means that it is faster and does not rely on Windows to keep it running. It is also the overall safer solution.I hope this helps.

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