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Synology DS1621+ vs DS1821+ which NAS would be better to start out with? ?

I have a few hundred movies, but I haven't backed any up and have no idea how much space that takes up. I ran out of space with iCloud storage which is 2TB, and my pictures are no longer backing up. I shoot RAW photography photos on a professional camera, which I know eats up storage, and I also shoot lots of high-quality videos. I need a storage solution for my wife's digital life as well, and I'm thinking NAS is the right way to go. Additionally, I'm leaning towards beginning a small business in the new year.

It's time to take the leap and I know that you usually do plenty of comparison videos, but since these are so new I'm just not sure when you'll get to a video this specific since it is a 6-bay vs. 8-bay comparison. I have landed on either the DS1621+ or the DS1821+.

I am completely new to this and have already purchased 4 WD RED PRO 6TB drives. Are those even compatible with the Synology NAS?

What would you recommend to someone who is just getting started—especially to one who hasn't even heard the word NAS until earlier this year?

The performance is the same on both of these models. The main difference is the number of drive bays.New Ryzen based models are quite powerful. Multiple LAN, SSD cache, and PCIe expansion make them very attractive options.Synology is very easy to use and comes with some really good apps helping you to organise photos and enable simple backups and more.It also comes with snapshot and version control keeping your data safe against ransomware attacks.This is a good choice.I hope this helps.

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