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NAS for home a photo management ?


Since you send to your email I didn’t make a decision but I saw a promotion. The
QNAP TS-253D-4G is only at 389€ and the DS220+ is 339€.
Can you please advise me ? What is the best Nas to backup my PCs and Mac and iOS devices, organize all the photos that I have on 8 hard drives (there are certainly a lot of photos that are repeated), the videos, and music.
When I go on the net the common knowledge is that Synology is best for Macs and Qnap has a better hardware. Both have good apps but synology customize better it’s sodtware with its hardware.
I know that the TS 253D should be compare with the DS720+ but this NAS is priced at 459€
So what should I do? By the da220+ or invest more 60€ and buy the Qnap?
What is the best photo app? Qnap or Synology?
Who deals better with both PCs and Mac?

Best regards

Pedro Cortez Pinto
DS220+ will be fast enough to serve you as a backup solution and much more. Synology will soon release their simplified MAC backup software and this will make them leaders in a backup. But in meantime, you can install the time machine app on your NAS and do a backup this way. Synology can back up your PCs very easily with the Hyper backup app. You will also get a Dropbox alternative (with much more functionality) called Drive to sync chosen folders on your computers and mobiles.They also have great photo organising apps and more.I hope this helps.

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