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DSM 7 Beta?

DSM 7 Beta has been released
It is actually just an alpha testing mode and you need to be registered to receive this OS and new apps like Sinology Photos and other apps.Here is how email looked like : Dear Preview Program participant, It’s September and DSM 7.0 Preview is here! All this time, we’ve been busy putting the final touches on our largest upgrade yet. As a program participant, you can be among the first to try out DSM 7.0 Preview. Our newest release comes with a ton of new features, as well as improved usability, reliability and security. DSM 7.0 Preview is now available for immediate download. But before you start, please familiarize yourself with how to prepare, how to install, and how to contribute to this upgrade! We’ve summarized the most important points for you in this email.  Preparation Backup DSM upgrades are irreversible. While updates do not affect your stored data, you should still perform a backup if you haven’t done so already. For detailed instructions on backing up your data, please refer to this article. Please note that the preview version is a work-in-progress that may require further polishing to address minor issues. Use Hyper Backup to back up data, system settings, and package configurations. Supports multiple types of destinations.Use Snapshot Replication to back up data on Btrfs volumes faster. Supports only Synology Btrfs destinations. Check current DSM version and packages DSM 6.2 or above is required for this upgrade. For upgrade procedures from older versions, please refer to this article. DSM 7.0 Preview brings many new features, changes, and improvements. We highly recommend that you read the Important Upgrade Notes for DSM 7.0 and individual package Release Notes for more information about changes and compatibility. Install & Test Sign in to Download Center for DiskStation Manager 7.0 Preview with the same Synology Account you used to register for the Preview Program to download the DSM installation file, packages, utilities, and mobile applications. Install DSM 7.0 Preview Find and download the DSM 7.0 Preview installation file (.pat) for your device.Sign in to the device you want to upgrade. Navigate to Control Panel > Update & Restore > DSM Update.Select Manual DSM Update and upload the .pat file. Follow the prompts and your device will begin the upgrade process. Packages & Utilities If your Synology NAS has external network access, most DSM packages will automatically be upgraded to the correct versions once your DSM has upgraded to DSM 7.0 Preview. You can upgrade any remaining packages manually in Package Center. If your NAS has no external network access, please upgrade all packages manually. Mobile Applications Mobile companion applications are available for Active Insight, Synology Photos, and Secure SignIn. DSM 7.0 Preview no longer supports Moments or DS photo apps, which are replaced by Synology Photos and its mobile app. Other mobile apps, such as Synology Drive, are already compatible with the packages used in DSM 7.0 Preview. Send Feedback As a Preview Program participant, your feedback helps improve DSM for millions of users worldwide! Take part in shaping DSM by providing feedback directly to Synology via our support channels or on the dedicated discussion board. During the Preview phase, you may not disclose any information about DSM 7.0 Preview or its packages to anyone, unless expressly permitted to do so by Synology. Details can be found in the Pre-Release Program Agreement.A special DSM 7.0 Preview discussion board is available on the English Synology Community.For technical assistance, select the “DSM 7.0” option when creating a support request. If you would like to opt out of the program, please send us a message through the Pre-release Program Contact Form. Sincerely,Synology Development Team
Any review in the pipeline, particular interested in the new Photo app?
No one is allowed to publicise anything about this alpha/beta version. So this will be difficult one.
Shame, so I guess we will have to wait until the public Beta version is release then :-(

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