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Photo storage?

I have watched loads of your YouTube videos and they are really helpful but I am struggling to decide on what Synology NAS to buy. My uncle has the DS216 but I was thinking maybe there is something newer and better now without breaking the bank?. However, I may not need something newer. I just want one that I can keep for a really long time.

All I want is a storage device where I can save all my phone photos and videos directly to it. I need to be able to put a CD in it as I have hundreds of them with photos and videos on. An app where I can view all the backed up stuff anywhere and anytime and as I am so worried about loosing everything, I thought a 2 bay system would be great as it's backed up twice.

I have been looking and saving for a while for one of these and any help would be appreciated. Thank you so so much x
Yes, if you want something long-lasting then Synology indeed will be a better choice. DS218 is a replacement model for DS216. It will surely allow you to back up your computers and mobile devices. You will also be able to replace cloud services like Dropbox or Google drive. Synology drive offers things like version control not only for files but also folders for certain models. And it will still have enough power left to serve as a home multimedia centre.I would personally choose DS218+ which is slightly more powerful and feature more functionality.I hope this helps.

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