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Looking for NAS 218+ or 718+ (220+ would be great)?

Hi! I found your page and was happy to see how good you compare the hardware! (excellent, if you ask me)
Well I want to use my NAS for all devices PC, IPhone and Laptop and as a cloud for my family (3 users at the moment).
I would like to convert old CD, DVD's perhaps VHS and share pictures. Maybe even a IP camera in furure.

I've been looking for quite a time to step in and have my own NAS becase you can't even share clouds when you're an Android user and want to convert to IOS.
I was thinking the same way 218+ is a three year old device shouldn't I wait or look for DS220+...

Would be great to hear from you and your comments.
cheers Adam
You will be seeing great deals on Synology DS218+. Even though it is 2-3 years old, it is still a good choice. DS220+ feature an additional LAN port and a better CPU, but it has lost the eSATA port. For things like backing up your devices and having a cloud service, you will not notice any difference between these two. But you will notice DS220+ performing better in situations when there are 5 or more people accessing data simultaneously.This is a good NAS. DS718+ is already the next tier up allowing you to do virtual machines, web server and multiple RAID with expansion. But it will not perform any better at things like home cloud and backups tasks.I hope this helps

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