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Nas Migration/Urgent Repair Help Advice

I need some technical help in order

DS1815 8Drives of 6TB SHR1 - 2 Drives - 1 - Crashed 1 - Faulty

What are my options in order to fix this, as i have around 40TB of data on this synology. Over the weekend my drives started to fail. I have since inserted a new drive into the faulty bay and its initialised, but ideally need the data to be repaired on this new drive. What are my options.
1 drive crashed and died and one is faulty just need to know what my options are.
With two drives failed you may have lost your data using SHR1.
When you replaced the first faulty drive you had to repair the RAID

You can try these guys:

RECOVERY R3 data recovery in Sheffield

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