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UGOS with BTRFS question

Quick question about how Ugreen's UGOS implements BTRFS and RAID. Does UGOS use BTRFS to provide both the file system and the raid?

Synology uses mdadm under the covers for RAID and BTRFS provides the file system, scrubbing, snapshots, etc. I can't seem to find how this is implemented in UGOS.

I've seen multiple comments regarding not using BTRFS RAID, and my Synology has been very stable for years. I'm hoping Ugreen does this similarly to Synology with a stable RAID under a BTRFS file system.
Thanks for your query. In Ugreen's UGOS operating system, BTRFS is utilized primarily for managing the file system, including features such as data scrubbing and snapshots. However, it's important to note that BTRFS itself does not implement RAID directly. Instead, RAID functionality in UGOS is typically handled by Linux kernel RAID (mdadm) or other RAID management tools integrated into the system.

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