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NAS 923+ VS 1522+

I'd like to buy a NAS to sync my devices and set up a mediaserver for 3-5 users. and maybee host a blog/simple homepage some time in the future
at the moment i could buy a new 1522+ for CHF 716.00 without Drives but i have some dirves and need just to buy 1*4TB to get 6.3TB in usable space with SHR
or i just saw a used 923+ with 4*4TB IronWolf for CHF 800 which was about a year in use and is still under warranty till 6/19/2025
which one would you buy?
Given your needs for syncing devices, setting up a media server for 3-5 users, and potentially hosting a blog or simple homepage in the future, I’d lean towards recommending the Synology DS1522+.

While both the DS1522+ and DS923+ are great choices with similar core features and performance, the DS1522+ has a few advantages that might align better with your goals. The extra drive bay in the DS1522+ provides additional flexibility and room to expand as your storage needs grow. This can be particularly beneficial if you anticipate adding more content or users over time.

Moreover, the DS1522+ offers greater expandability, allowing you to extend your storage significantly beyond the initial setup if needed. This future-proofing capability makes it a solid long-term investment, especially if your needs evolve.

Considering the DS1522+ is brand new, you'll have the full warranty period, which can give you some peace of mind about its reliability and longevity. Although the DS923+ comes with pre-installed drives and a remaining warranty period, starting with a new device might offer more assurance and flexibility in the long run.

Given these points, I would choose the DS1522+. It's well-suited to support your current requirements and future plans effectively.

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