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Need a Synology NAS recommendation

I am looking to invest into a Synology NAS for basic home use. Primarily to backup photos, and some videos. I may look into using it as a Plex/Jellyfin server for myself. I do want to future proof it so I can upgrade RAM or networking. Initially I'll do a RAID 0 but I'll get more drives to do a RAID 5. I was thinking of getting two 4 TB drives to start.
Based on your requirements for a Synology NAS suitable for basic home use, including photo and video backups with potential Plex or Jellyfin server usage, consider the Synology DS923+ for local access and Synology DS423+ for remote access.

The DS923+ features an AMD Ryzen R1600 CPU, which provides ample power for local tasks and supports up to 1080p video streaming. It allows for future upgrades with its 10GbE capability, ensuring smooth data access and backup speeds within your home network. Meanwhile, the DS423+ utilizes a quad-core Intel Celeron J4125 CPU and supports remote access well, though limited to 1080p streaming unless upgraded with a USB 5GbE adapter for faster external connectivity.

Both models can be initially set up with two 4TB drives in RAID 0, offering substantial storage capacity, with the option to expand to RAID 5 as you acquire more drives. For your budget range of $600-$800, these NAS devices provide flexibility and sufficient performance for your current and future multimedia needs.

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