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Efficiant Plex Home Server

Hello, looking for an efficient home server. Which no matter what I change seems I still cannot find.
Went from old 4770k PC NAS to Synology ds920+ to DIY i3-10100 and now using Node304 with some Chinese motherboard and N100 that has 6 Sata ports and two nvme slots. It idles at 26-30w with HDD spinned down.
I am looking for something that would consume minimal power as possible while dockers are running with HDD are spinned down.
Not sure if ARM would be a correct route, doubt it.
Looking at TERRAMASTER F4-424, but not sure how well Idle works with unraid (powertop stats). Ugreen has Kickstarter project but sadly cannot order those in my country, yet.
Spent more on new hardware than I will ever safe in power efficiency, but for some reason still looking for upgrade path.
Any suggestions?
Given your journey through different setups, it's evident that power efficiency is a priority for you, especially when your server is idling. While ARM-based solutions can offer lower power consumption, they might not always provide the performance you need, especially for running Docker containers and Plex.

The TERRAMASTER F4-424 seems like an interesting option, but it's essential to verify how well it manages power consumption during idle states, especially with Unraid. It's worth checking community forums or reaching out to users who have experience with this setup to gather insights into its power efficiency.

Since you're exploring options, you might want to keep an eye on emerging solutions like the Ugreen Kickstarter project. While unavailable in your country for now, they could offer promising features for power-conscious users once they become accessible.

Considering your budget and requirements, you might also want to explore other options like the QNAP TS-464 or the Synology DS423+. These NAS devices are known for their power efficiency and offer a balance between performance and energy consumption. Plus, they come with user-friendly interfaces and robust software ecosystems, making them ideal for home users.

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