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NAS for Editing

I am working for a church and I am trying to find a solution where I can open a design or video editing project that someone has closed out of and finish the edit. One of your designers work part time at home, can she still edit from home by remoting into the NAS? Also I will be editing off of proxies in Davinci, and designing through Adobe. Any issues with setup or complications I may hit

I am thinking of following this setup.

NAS Unit: Synology DS1821+ (RAID6 Configuration)

Hard Drives: Six Seagate IronWolf Pro 12TB drives to start just have 2

Memory Upgrade: Nemix 32GB Memory Module (2x16GB)

Network Adapter Upgrade: Synology 10Gb Ethernet Adapter 1 RJ45 Port

SSD Cache Drive: Western Digital Red SN700 NVMe M.2 2280 2TB (RAID0 Configuration) - to improve scrubbing through timeline -

10G Adapter: OWC Thunderbolt3 10G Ethernet Adapter (For MacBook Pro M3)

Network Switch: NETGEAR 10-Port Gigabit/10G Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS110MX)
Certainly! With the Synology DS1821+ NAS setup you're considering, remote editing is indeed possible. Your part-time designer can access the NAS from home using a VPN connection. I recommend using Tailscale VPN for seamless and secure remote access.

As for your editing workflow with Davinci Resolve and Adobe, this setup should handle it well. Utilizing proxies will help optimize performance, especially when working with large video files. The SSD cache drive you've selected will further enhance scrubbing through the timeline, ensuring smooth editing.

Overall, your chosen configuration looks robust and should meet your editing needs effectively.

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