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1GbE Lan Vs 2GbE Lan

Hi I am looking to get a NAS device for a Plex server. I have some 4K files and just wondering is a 1GbE Lan provide enough speed to stream them on my home network via Plex? or would I need 2.5 GbE? or is the 2.5GbE just useful for file transfer speeds.
For streaming 4K files on your Plex server, a 1GbE LAN should be more than sufficient for typical home network setups. While 2.5GbE LAN offers increased bandwidth, it's not necessarily required for smooth playback of 4K content. Unless you anticipate extremely high network traffic or have specific requirements that demand faster speeds, sticking with a 1GbE connection should meet your needs adequately. This option is generally more cost-effective and widely compatible with existing network infrastructure, making it a practical choice for most users.

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