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Home Storage Solution

I recently saw the Ugreen NAS on Kickstarter and thought about backing it, however, I have watched a few of your videos and feel like I might get in over my head. I can certainly learn and am pretty comfortable with operating computers, but now I feel like NAS may be more than I need. I use Apple products and am looking for the best storage solution for my over 700 movie collection with the option to share with family/friends. Also want to backup photos, files, etc. I have used WD My Book products in the past and set them up as network drives but always seem to run into issues with their software. What solution would you recommend? After watching your videos, I just feel like NAS would be overkill. Appreciate your help.
While the Ugreen NAS on Kickstarter shows promise as an innovative project, considering your needs for storage, media sharing, and backup, the Synology DS423+ emerges as a compelling alternative. With its built-in graphics and polished operating system, the DS423+ offers a user-friendly experience and robust features, making it an attractive option for those seeking a reliable storage solution. Its seamless integration with Apple products, expandable storage capacity, and versatile functionality make it a standout choice for your home storage needs.

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