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Backing up my nas to the cloud

I am going to be buying a nas soon (probably a qnap) with four 8TB drives likely using RAID 6.
I want to backup qnap to a cloud service for as cheap as possible preferably once a week (but would do monthly or quarterly if it saves significant $).
After the first transfer I would like the cloud to either update with just the new stuff, or delete the old and replace with the new (I dont need multiple backups).

I was looking into amazon glacier and google cloud (nearline/coldline/archive storage) but I don't understand the pricing structure as it would relate to how I want to use it. Blackbaze b2 seems ok, but i feel like those other options (i have not even yet looked into other sites) might end up being cheaper (my ultimate hope is that I will never have to access that backup data)
any advice on which way to go
Alternatively, I saw a youtube video you made about "tricking" the cloud to thinking was a computer, any advice on how to do that on a qnap?
For backing up your NAS to the cloud on a budget, a good approach would be to use a service like Backblaze B2. It offers competitive pricing and allows you to pay only for the storage you use, which can be cost-effective for your needs. Additionally, Backblaze B2 supports lifecycle rules, so you can set up automatic deletion of old backups or versioning to keep storage costs down. As for setting up the backup from your QNAP NAS to Backblaze B2, you can use applications like Hybrid Backup Sync provided by QNAP, which supports integration with various cloud services, including Backblaze B2. This ensures a seamless and efficient backup process. If you're interested in exploring other cloud storage options like Amazon Glacier or Google Cloud Nearline/Coldline, it's essential to carefully evaluate their pricing structures to ensure they align with your backup frequency and storage needs. Remember to factor in any potential retrieval costs associated with accessing your backup data in the future.

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