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iphone picture backup - which nas has it?

I know Synology has an app where you can back up your iPhone pictures to the nas. Do you know of any other NAS brands that offer a similar app for this?

I'm still looking for a nas and thinking synology (great software, poor hardware) or terramaster..
Absolutely! In addition to Synology's DS photo and TerraMaster's TNAS app, QNAP offers the QMaggie app, which seamlessly facilitates iPhone photo backups to the NAS. As a user-friendly solution, QMaggie ensures convenient and secure storage of your iPhone pictures, complementing QNAP's reliable hardware and extensive software ecosystem. Similarly, Asustor provides the AiFoto app, offering another compelling option for iPhone users seeking effortless photo backup functionality. Whether you opt for Synology, TerraMaster, QNAP, or Asustor, you can rely on their respective apps to streamline the process of safeguarding your iPhone photos on your NAS.

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