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QNAP updates and video?

Hello Gentlemen,

First let me say how very informative your videos and content is, thank you very much!

I play with various NAS's and enjoy them all. Right now I'm having the most fun with older ones and a fairly new TS-453E.

I would like to humbly ask for an update video on the 453E and also on QNAP in general. I hope QNAP are paying you for the advice you gave them! It appears they took you very seriously so keep it up!

I also ask to report the new beta of the OS that has a bitblocker built in, really cool (again I credit you for the pressure).

QNAP as a company are entirely different in the last few years. There have been at least 6 updates and many app updates. The new beta has speed improvements and other things.

When you reviewed the 453E it really helped me think about it. To me it is the best value for what it does and QTier on the faster M2 slots is sweet. QTier being both a cache and a pool is really a nice feature.

Again thank you for your channel and help!
Thank you for your kind words and support! We're thrilled to hear that you find our videos and content informative.

We'll definitely take your request into consideration and aim to provide an update video on the QNAP TS-453E, as well as a general overview of QNAP's recent developments. It's great to hear that you're enjoying your experience with various NAS systems, including the TS-453E.

We agree that QNAP has been making significant strides in their updates and improvements over the past few years. It's encouraging to see them take user feedback seriously and implement changes accordingly. The inclusion of BitLocker in the new beta OS sounds like an exciting addition, and we'll be sure to cover it in our update video.

We're glad to hear that our review of the TS-453E helped you make an informed decision. The QTier feature, especially with faster M2 slots, indeed adds significant value to the device.

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