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Nvme DIY


Are there any Nvme DIY kits/builds for creating a home nas?

I'd like to create an SSD NAS , and have decided that nvme is a better option than SAS or SATA.

I've also seen the Asustor Flashstor NAS, but worried that the processor might not be beafed-enough to run dockers like photoprism etc.

Thus I've started to look at nvme NAS' in the range of €300-1000 and not alot of options out there.

I have seen stuff like ICYDOCKS ToughArmor MB873MP-B V2, but they talk about Oculinks etc that I have no idea about.

Which brings me back to question, are there any nvme DIY kits/builds that someone starting out in NAS, would be able to build?

Thanks in advance.
It's awesome to hear about your interest in NVMe-based NAS solutions! You'll be glad to know that both QNAP and Asustor offer options that cater to NVMe storage, and their CPUs are powerful enough to handle the demands of NVMe technology while also featuring built-in graphics chips. Opting for one of these branded NAS units can be more cost-effective and reliable compared to building your own from scratch.

However, if you're inclined to build your own NAS setup, here's a viable approach: consider getting a motherboard compatible with an Intel Core i5 CPU. You can utilize the PCIe slots on the motherboard to install an NVMe expansion card, which can provide additional NVMe slots. Depending on your storage capacity needs, these expansion cards can offer anywhere from 4 to even 6 NVMe slots, providing flexibility and scalability to your DIY NAS solution.

By going down this route, you can tailor your NAS build precisely to your requirements while also having the assurance of using components from reputable brands like Intel for the CPU and reliable expansion cards for NVMe storage.

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