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First time buyer question


Have been close to pulling the trigger on a NAS for awhile now. I’m maxed out on several 2TB external hard drives that I store raw photos, 4k video, and phone backups to. I do photo and video editing for personal projects and sometimes for paid projects.

Initial research has me trying to decide between the Synology 923+ and 1522+ and maybe adding two 16GB drives to start. Seems like folks say if the $100 doesn’t matter to you then best to get the 1522+. Is that the case?

Also wondering if it is worth waiting for their next models to come out (guessing announcement by year end). Seems like a long time to wait and the current models are probably plenty capable (and upgradable) for my purposes as a first time user.

Any thoughts between the two or waiting? And recommendations on drives?

Thanks for reaching out with your NAS dilemma! If you're torn between the Synology DS923+ and DS1522+, it boils down to your budget and future needs. The DS923+ is a solid choice, offering excellent performance for multimedia tasks like photo and video editing, with the option to expand storage later on. On the other hand, the DS1522+ packs more power and expandability, which could be beneficial if you plan to scale up your storage or run more demanding applications down the line.

As for waiting for the next models, it's always tempting to hold out for the latest and greatest, but the current models like the DS923+ and DS1522+ are already quite capable and upgradable. If you need a NAS now, these models will serve you well, and you can always consider upgrading in the future if necessary.

Regarding drives, if you're looking for reliability and performance, brands like WD Red or Seagate IronWolf are popular choices. Consider SSDs for caching or NVMe drives for faster access to frequently used data, especially for your photo and video editing tasks. Check out our guide on NVMe M.2 drives for more details:

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