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Thank you/suggestion for topics

Wow, I thought I over-analyzed things! Thank you! I ended up getting a two bay Synology with small hardrives. I used many sources to decide...yours was most thorough. I don't know if this is out of your realm for topics but how about: 1. Why do I need a nas anyway...I can just use the cloud (onedrive, google, etc)? 2. Strategies for safely preserving precious files (for home) with a nas in conjunction with a cloud subscription.
There's probably more than just two topics in these. Hope this helps you. Thanks again so much!
Thank you for your kind words, Na! I'm delighted to hear that you found the information helpful in making your decision. Your suggested topics are excellent ideas and definitely within the realm of what we cover. Let's dive into them:

Why Do I Need a NAS Anyway vs. Cloud Storage?: Exploring the benefits of a NAS compared to cloud storage services like OneDrive or Google Drive. We'll discuss factors such as data privacy, control, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness to help users understand when a NAS might be a better solution for their needs.

Strategies for Safely Preserving Precious Files with NAS and Cloud: This topic delves into best practices for using a NAS in conjunction with a cloud subscription to ensure the safety and longevity of important files. We'll cover topics like backup redundancy, synchronization methods, encryption, and disaster recovery planning.

Both topics offer valuable insights into leveraging NAS technology effectively in a home environment, and we'll be sure to explore them thoroughly.

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