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HDD choice ?


I have the opportunity of purchasing a used TVS 872XT 16gb, my question is the NAS is supplied with 4 x 10tb skyhawk drives. I have the option of replacing them with 7 x 4tb Iron wolf drives. All hardware is less than 1-1.5 years old.. Price with either drive option is 1300 GBP.
Also their is an option of a 500gb M2 for 50 GBP. Ill be using it for PLEX, cloud and maybe VMs. Would it be worth it.

All the above is an upgrade to an home built N54L 4tb WD reds x4 running xpenology (5yrs old)

Regards Paul

Great you tube Channel, keep up the good work
Yes, Qnap 72XT series are still the most popular choice since last year. It features perfect multimedia friendly CPU and caching. This is a perfect choice for Plex and virtualisation.I hope this helps.

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