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SSD Cache Update

Storage Manager is showing a healthy SSD Cache but "Not the latest version". The Info button gives more information: "This SSD Casche is created in a previous version. You can remove it and recreate a new one for better future support and performance."
I created the SSD before updating to DSM7.2, hence the message.
My question is, should I remove and recreate the cache? It seems strange that this was not handled in the OS update but I will do it if it is worth it. Have you made a video on the steps needed to do this, as I expect that I am not the only one with an SSD cache created before DSM 7.2
Absolutely! If you're inclined to get the most out of your NAS setup, recreating the SSD Cache sounds like a prudent choice. Embracing the latest features often translates to improved performance, stability, and overall user experience.

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