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Can you backup or snapshot Synology whole volumes ?

I have a Synology NAS as well as QNAP NAS. Recently, QNAP released an update of its Virtualization Station that cause wide spread havoc. ( The app became "disconnected" from its VM's and there was no way to "reconnect" them. It was if they had all gone up in smoke. In actuality, the VM files were still intact and right where they used to be.) I was included in that havoc but it has been fixed now. One QNAP owner posted on a forum that because he had a snapshot of his volume, he was able to restore his system to a prior state. When I look at my Synology snapshots, I only see the ability to take snapshots of shared folders and a couple of system folders. But no ability to take snapshots of apps and their related settings. So, is this not possible on Synology ? Is there a way to protect a Synology NAS from the issue that occurred with some of these QNAP's ?
Yes, only shared folder or LUN

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