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Terra Master d5 Thunderbolt 3

I do Phot and video editing. I bought this as an alternative to having a ton of HDs to sift trough I basically wanted 1 Archive then keep the extras in a closest some where.

I set it up, put in 4 drives and made a RAID 5 array. dumped 5TB from a drive shucked it and attempted to add it to the array. it said it would take 90 hours to add. Ok, let it run.

Next morning i get up and i guess my computer went to sleep, but it kicked me out to the RAID manager program. I had changed the password, but not i cannot get in at all. The box is over there doing something. the lights are flickering and i hear the hard drives working. I et answer from Terra Master.

In the future can i just pull a smaller drive and replace it with a larger one? will it recognize and expand the array? This whole thing feels like a mess.

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Terra Master d5 Thunderbolt 3 - by ENQUIRIES - 02-02-2023, 12:00 AM
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