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NAS Raid 0 Drive upgrade

Would like a step by step for easiest way to change/upgrade 1 drive from a 2 drive synology 220+ to expand storage. The NAS only keeps camera footage, and I'm not worried about keeping any footage, just want the NAS setup (settings, FTP info, etc) to carry over. I think i will have to re-install DSM7 and then do a restore, using hyperbackup? Wanted the easiest way to do this, using a second home synology NAS 1019+ for keeping any generated backups.
Going to keep it Raid 0 just to continue to store camera footage from surveillance station and an external camera that uses FTP to copy its footage, 3 cameras total so far.

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NAS Raid 0 Drive upgrade - by ENQUIRIES - 02-01-2023, 05:00 PM
RE: NAS Raid 0 Drive upgrade - by ed - 02-03-2023, 02:15 PM

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